C.E. Floyd History

Delivering the Same Values Then and Now

Chuck Floyd recalls C.E. Floyd Company’s first day in business, “There were three of us: a secretary, an estimator and me. We didn’t receive a single phone call the whole day, so I picked up the phone and started calling everybody I knew.”

In 1989, the economy was going through a recession?and Chuck saw an opportunity to carve out his own niche in the construction industry.?The company’s business plan was to do high quality work for a few very stable organizations. That's still our philosophy today.

Our ideal client, then and now, is a private entity in Southern New England, who pays its bills, has a complex project, values service and long-term relationships, and takes a team approach. We build Visions and People.

Building Careers

Chuck is most proud of being a part of creating opportunities for great careers for all of our employees including both in the field and the office. We have a strong commitment to providing a good place to work including good pay, benefits and long-term career opportunities. We have always worked diligently to be a good corporate citizen.



Milestone projects

Our first project over $10 million was for GTE in 1993. It enabled us to add some key people, most of whom are still with us and continue to be vital contributors to our success.

In 1994 Concord Academy hired us to renovate and expand a dormitory on their campus. We are still working with them today and recently completed our 9th project there.

Our first project over $20 million was for Edgewood Life Care in 1996. It was the beginning of C.E. Floyd becoming a leading builder of senior housing in New England.

cOre values

At C.E. Floyd, our core values are more than a sign on the wall. Our core values play a role in everything we do.

Our team members are constantly sharing stories about their peers who are living out these values.