We Start With Safety

Safety starts in the planning phase, including design, estimating and purchasing, and continues through the construction phase until final acceptance of the project. The success of our safety program depends on the effort made by each individual at C.E. Floyd Company as well as every subcontractor, supplier and temporary employee who works on one of our projects.

Our slogan, “Partnering in Safety”, emphasizes our focus on collaboration, communication and preplanning. We must all work together and hold each other accountable to create a zero harm work environment.

C.E. Floyd’s Director of Safety oversees the safety program, including implementation and training. However, we have many layers of people ensuring that all workers are using safe practices. As detailed in our commitment letter, we have a top down approach, where our Leadership Team and ownership play key roles in our safety culture.



Core Safety Values

The following seven core values are crucial to all of our employees, subcontractors, temporary employees, suppliers and owners. These core values are reviewed and discussed to ensure personnel understand the hazards on a construction site?and steps they can take?to mitigate risk and prevent future incidents.


Personal Protective Equipment


Manual Material Handling






Trenching & Excavation



Heavy Equipment



Fall Protection & Prevention






Commitment to a Safe & Healthy Workplace

C.E. Floyd Company, Inc. is committed to providing a zero harm work environment for all employees, subcontractor employees, temporary employees, jobsite visitors and members of the public. We must work together to create a zero harm work environment and we are all accountable for our performance.?

The written safety program establishes the expectations and minimum requirements to govern all operations for C.E. Floyd Company. All employees are required to report any hazardous activities to C.E. Floyd Company’s Project Safety Officer and to exercise constant vigilance.?

It is a condition of employment at C.E. Floyd Company that all employees comply with the requirements of this program and the safety regulations and procedures issued in conjunction with it. All subcontractors, suppliers and their employees are contractually obligated to adhere to this program and the safety regulations and procedures issued in conjunction with it as well. Finally, all visitors to a C.E. Floyd Company jobsite shall be required to adhere to all safety regulations and requirements in place at the time of their visit.?

The Safety Director, Project Managers, Field Operation Managers, Project Superintendents, Project Safety Officers, and Foremen have the full support of Management in enforcing the provisions of this policy.?



C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.?
Christopher J. Floyd?
President / CEO


Lean Construction?

Lean?Construction concepts provide?additional benefits to create a strong safety culture and better manage risk on job sites, including:?

  • Emphasizing preplanning and partnerships with subcontractors to identify potential hazards before beginning work

  • Promoting a clean, organized and safe environment

  • Discussing safety frequently during Weekly Work Plan and Daily Huddle

  • Working in a more defined area with a predictable workflow to create safer working conditions

  • Reducing re-work with cleaner hand-offs between trades, which limits traffic and additional exposures

  • Identifying bottlenecks, speed bumps and constraints early in the process, which promotes more collaboration and pre-planning on the project

  • Preparing comprehensive Job Hazard Analyses?



Our workers are trained in First Aid and CPR and hold either 30-hour or 10-hour OSHA Certification. Subcontractors are given a safety orientation before starting work on any of our job sites. Specialized safety training is conducted, as necessary, on every project.

Safety Scorecard

Using our Safety Scorecard, we grade our project teams on the effectiveness of their project’s safety culture every month.?